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VILLA G, We are waiting for you impatiently!

We are not sitting still!

The wooden windows and doors are in place. The new look of Villa G is what we had in mind. All floors are polished concrete. After a while a patina appears and that gives a nice effect.

The exterior of Villa G will be given a coat of natural stone at a later date and the interior, the Villa Patio, is painted in white. Almost all the rooms and spaces are accessible through the patio. In the middle of the Patio is a small green oasis with a fish pond and a coconut tree. The green contrasts beautifully with the white of the walls and the blue of the ocean.

The swimming pool is not yet ready. We are looking forward to the start of the finishing. When the pool is completed it will be another view. The colour of the water will be turquoise like the gemstone. We have thought long and hard about what colour the pool should radiate. We found this one of the most difficult decisions. The swimming pool will be the jewel in the crown and we are curious about the result.

Another jewel will be the kitchen and the private restaurant.

The granite top has been installed in the kitchen and we are looking forward to the moment when we can cook in the new kitchen. The private restaurant has a unique view. Breakfast and dinner will be served outside or inside. In front of the private restaurant there will be a lounge terrace with seating for aperitifs.

The atelier and also the reception area are now filled with art books spread out on the chairs. The art photos are partly unpacked and on the table is the sewing machine that has already stitched many miles of thread. A sofa stands in the middle, an old drawing board and a light box table decorate the room. It is a pleasant room with lots of light and space. In the future, workshops can be held there.

In our small gallery, located next to the entrance, which you can only see through an oblong window, a wooden model of an old fishing boat is displayed floating in the middle of the room. Two large Polaroids of an aquarium from Antwerp Zoo hang on the wall.

The bar will be as big as the restaurant and the kitchen together. Here too you can choose to sit inside or outside.

Both in the bar and in the private restaurant you can open the large harmonica doors.

The two suites in Villa G are spacious rooms. One room has a view of the beautiful mountains. The other room overlooks the garden and the ocean. Both suites have a king-size bed, a walk-in shower in the bathroom with a separate toilet, Wifi, a ceiling fan, a minibar, provision for fresh tea from the garden and a spacious furnished terrace.

The DOKA is the most beautiful darkroom I have ever had. When analogue photography workshops are held, we will need new paper and products. I still have some lying around but we will have to wait and see if this will work.

Finally, the garden: what is it going to be? A mix of plants and trees, agriculture with a touch of art?

We have a lot of space to plant. Yet it is important to do this in an organised way. LandArt will certainly be applied. Let the ideas grow, we have time.

In any case, architecture and landscape become one!

Finally, enjoy the yoga class of Lily from Switzerland

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