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View on VIILA G in sunset

V I L L A  G - the heart of Palmeira Da Cruz

Villa G. is the main building of Palmeira Da Cruz


This remarkably round building gives extensive views to keep enjoying.

Villa G consists of several open rooms that meet in the botanical garden, the patio.

There is an open kitchen where Guy enjoys preparing dishes with great pleasure and taste and with a private restaurant attached just for guests.

An open area is provided as a resting spot for those who like to soak up the sun or quietly read a book.

The Palmeira pool is a unique infinity pool. The water is slightly heated and has natural chlorine. The feeling of swimming towards the ocean is wonderful.

The bar is a place to read, play chess or darts.

The modotti is a private room that is occasionally rented out. The room is slightly larger than the other rooms.

The studio is a place where artworks can be viewed and art books can also be browsed. This place is used to design, repair and create. 

The small gallery is a special place for an antique scale model of a fishing boat. This room can be viewed through a window at the entrance.

Around Villa G are large plantings of agriculture, plants, flowers , trees etc....

The accommodation will be fully integrated into nature, into the greenery within a few years, In an oasis of green surrounded by sun and sea...

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