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Who are we?

Dany and Guy with Boo and Simba

We are Guy and Dany


We emigrated to Cape Verde on the island of Santo Antão in September 2019.

It is the climate, the fishing, the tranquility and above all the friendliness of the people that brought us to Cruzinha. We are busy building an Eco-Lodge. We have not set an end date yet.

Everyone is welcome to taste our hospitality, the tranquility, the fantastic natural environment and of course to enjoy our EcoLodge

We are proud of our project. It grows slowly but surely every day.

A piece of architecture in a Land-Art . jacket

Welcome to the end of the world

E C O. - LO D&G E

We would like to highlight Ecolodge,


ECO and energy

We attach importance to energy-efficient living through solar panels and solar water heaters.

Grey water is filtered in a natural water purification system.


ECO on the plate

Almost all the fruit, vegetables and fruits we use in our breakfast and dinner come from our own garden. 

All dishes are prepared with utmost care. 


ECO and maintenance

Our staff comes exclusively from nearby villages. They help maintain our Ecolodge and are an important support in and around the accommodation. 

We attach great importance to the confidential and friendly relationship between us, the staff and the guests.

Palmeira Da Cruz  - Ecolodge

Chã De Pires 1 - 1110 Cruzinha

Island of Santo-Antão

Cape Verde 

mail :

whatsApp : +238 9739109 (Dany)

whatsApp : +238 9708817 (Guy)

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