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'Villa G' and its botanical outdoor garden, our patio goes under a thorough metamorphosis

We thought long and hard about giving our patio in Villa G a new look.

Our patio had one Coconut palm a pond with goldfish and a pond with plants. The ground covers consisted of an oasis of green succulents. The palm tree didn't feel much like growing and the fish swam among the algae. The papyrus stood with its feet in the water but still stayed low to the ground.

The toads discovered the pond a few months ago and held their concert late into the night every evening. As a result, table conversations became animated with "The Frog Chorus & Paul McCartney, We all stand together". They have since moved to the pond of our natural cleaning plant, along with the goldfish. The patio has now been completely emptied and the open space is ready to re-use the fertile soil for new flowers, plants and trees. There will be a seating area in this oasis. It will also feature a work of art. It is a metal structure that reflects the different circles of our project. Several architects have visited us and spontaneously contributed their vision and made sketches. Many thanks for that!

Within a few weeks it will be ready, at least the green part. The seating will be installed later.

We are curious!

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