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H O L I D A Y S ! Viktor visiting

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

After 22 months, Viktor managed to get to Santo Antão.

First we planned a stop on São Vicente in the fantastic residence "Casa Bom Dia".

In Casa Bom Dia we enjoyed the very nice hospitality, super good food and cosiness, top! Sofie, Christophe, their boys Mateo and Timo and the lovely dog Bronk gave us a great welcome and we explored the island their way.


The next day, the ferry takes us to Porto Novo, the harbour of Santo Antão. From Porto Novo it is another 2 hours' easy drive to Ribeira Grande and then we cross the mountains. This brings us to Cruzinha on the other side of the island.

Cruzinha ; "Is the end of the world" and it remains so.

There are few roads on Santo Antão and that is what makes it so congenial. Cruzinha is a final destination.

Only footpaths take you to Ponta Do Sol or Ribeira Alta or Mocho...

So beautiful to do, so unique to experience.



Experiencing every morning, afternoon and evening together is worth its weight in gold. Life just goes on and Viktor integrates himself into daily life. "Tranquille" they say here and they are right.

May the 14 days be long and we will enjoy being together to the full.

A big kiss

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