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The pool of Palmeira Da Cruz

It is so far!

It is fantastic!

Over the past few days, the swimming pool has been tested and approved.

My first floating moment was incredibly enchanting.

I did not wait until the pool was completely filled.

The infinity has been tested and the view is just as we had hoped.

Guy spent months installing the pump installation, filters, couplings, pipes, electronic cabinets, lighting, etc. ... It took a thorough study and a lot of work. It required a thorough study and he did a fantastic job. The water is heated. The saltwater system gives clear and soft water without chemical chlorine. There is no smell of chlorine and no irritation to the eyes.

The quality of the water is up to standard and is now adjusted electronically. The colour of the water is a beautiful azure-blue, like the white beaches of the archipelago.

Not quite ready yet:

The coping stone still has to be bought.

The shower and the toilet are used in the suite.

All will be well!

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