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The garden of Palmeira Ecolodge , a starting paradise

Green; plants, trees, flowers, vegetables, fruits ... are so important in our concept. Our soil is extremely fertile and when there is water, our little beginning paradise grows and blossoms. And there is water! Today, the water comes from the river bed and is pumped to a large tank.

Our grounds cover an area of 14000m2 and require a lot of attention. Both the agriculture and the flower garden, the trees and the orchard will have their place.

In April 2020, almost two years ago, we started the first plantings of banana plants to date palms and almond trees... Today, they have all grown considerably. The banana plants, for example, currently have 11 flowers, which is about 1,000 bananas that can be harvested... In our orchard, we have picked the first limes. The passion fruit bush or Marakucha is thriving here. Until last week we enjoyed these fruits in home-made ice-cream or fruit salad.

During the winter period, the plants produce less or even no fruit. In spring, they awaken again and become bigger and fuller.

Our Villa G is also in hibernation. We are waiting for the tiles and the pump installation for the swimming pool. The windows and doors were delivered last week and will be installed from tomorrow. The commissioning date is again postponed. We have resigned ourselves to this. You can't force anything here. It comes as it comes. If not tomorrow then the day after tomorrow or next week or maybe next month.

Although Villa G is not yet in use, we have had many guests visit us. They have booked a suite for several days and are enjoying nature, hiking, the view, the sunset, the good food, the whirlpool ... We are already well warmed up and it is wonderful to have so many different nationalities around. The friendly guests write nice texts in our book or on the booking sites and we are very grateful to them.

Finally, there is a concrete wall in Villa G that once again incites me to make portraits. In the past at the!Kunsthumaniora I regularly made black and white portraits of the students that were used for different purposes. Today, I made portraits of the workers and our staff. They are on Instagram and FB and below I would like to introduce the series to you again.

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