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Palmeira Da Cruz, many curious people pass by our site

How far have we got with our project?

Villa G, the large villa, is beginning to take shape. Literally and figuratively.

There is still a lot of work to be done. Sandor, the construction manager, and his team are working hard.

Tourism is taking off and we want to benefit from that. Room Bresson is doing well and Villa Mar has already received its first guests.

The gardens on the site are being planted bit by bit because we want to have a green oasis.

And all this together attracts the curious. Even from other islands, the first visitors have come to spend the night at Palmeira Da Cruz.

Green fingers,

We do our best to get the gardens green as soon as possible. This is not easy. Firstly, it is a large area without any planting except acacias. Secondly, gota-gota must be installed everywhere, a sprinkler system that waters the plants regularly. The quality of the soil is fine. It is mixed with manure and ashes. We are also busy planting ground cover to retain the sand that is blown up.

A year ago we planted the first trees: date palms, almond trees, fig trees, coconut palms, pomegranate trees, mango trees, papaya, ... and they have all grown well. The banana plants are doing well, the passion fruits are delicious and our orchard lemons, oranges and grapefruits that we planted a year ago have their first fruits. Normally you have to wait about 5 years to get the first fruits. The flowers are not lacking in our gardens either. The nice thing is that we experiment with seeds, kernels and cuttings and it is so beautiful when they come out and stay alive.

Finally, our four-legged friends;

They are part of the family and give us a lot of pleasure. They ask for a lot of attention and they get it back from us, from the staff, from all the visitors and guests and from the passers-by.

Simba, Boo and our cat Jules get along very well. They go out together, they play together and they sleep ... sometimes together. Their preys like mice, grasshoppers and praying mantises are their favourites. Guy is Cruzinha's best "four-legged chef" and every evening he prepares a festive meal that all three of them enjoy.

The best moment is the candy on the round mat.

info: - whatsApp : +2389739109 (dany)

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Peter Denis
Peter Denis
Oct 11, 2021

Beautiful! It will be a smashing success when tourism is back to normal, people are longing for a holiday far away from the maddening crowd... Cheers from Peter 🌸

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