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Palmeira Da Cruz has good news!

Updated: May 31, 2021

The three villas are under construction;

Palmeira Da Cruz has three villas, each consisting of two very spacious rooms. They are called Villa Vento, Villa Mar and Villa Luz. All three have a beautiful view of the blue ocean.

Today, the structural work is ready. Electricity and water supply will be finished in the coming days. Then painting will take place, the concrete floor will be cast and the carpenter can start installing windows and doors.

Villa G, the large villa with swimming pool, bar, atelier, gallery, lounge, kitchen and a large patio was plotted topographically yesterday. We expect that the 'trabalhadores' will start here one of these days.

The contractor Projart works according to a time schedule. Nevertheless, we have to take into account unforeseen circumstances that can delay the construction.

During the day, Guy walks on the site because it is important to keep up. He lays the electricity himself to make sure it will work according to our standards. The trabalhadores work six days from 7 am to 5 pm. They work hard and it is not to be underestimated when there is a lot of sunshine. They are well wrapped up against the sun and the dust. Most of the work is manual labour. Every now and then we surprise them with a traditional Cape Verde meal and a glass of red wine. And to start the weekend, those who feel like it get a small glass of grogue, fired on Santo Antão..

We have good contacts with the residents of Cruzinha. On Easter Sunday, we were invited to eat and drink with Pascoal and Lucinda's family. They work a piece of land next to our property. Cape Verdeans like to eat and drink and a glass of red wine is part of special occasions. They dance and move loosely to the music and they are always in good spirits. No stress, just enjoyment. This is beautiful to see.

We have been living in Villa Boo for four months now. This villa is a test home. We will take the pluses and pains with us to the big project. We enjoy the sunset every evening. In the evening, we are always surprised how many stars are shining in the sky. It is very quiet at night and in the distance you can hear the ocean gently climbing up the rocks.

Guy maakt tijd vrij om heerlijke gerechten op tafel te toveren. De groentetuin is al aardig uitgebreid en wij maken er gretig gebruik van. Het is de bedoeling om verscheidene groenten te kweken die niet alle dagen op de markt te verkrijgen zijn.

The planting of palm trees, coconut palms, date palms, almond trees has also grown considerably after one year. The flower bushes, succulents and cacti are very happy here. We experiment with flowers, plants and trees and we grow and harvest every day.

The Palmeira Da Cruz estate is very big and we will have to do a lot of planting when the construction of the villas is finished. We would like to have green areas, shady cosy corners. Here and there we want to let nature take its course and enjoy wild flower and plant gardens.

Good news!

Villa Boo has one guestroom that is now available. Bresson is the name of this spacious room and it has been very well received by the first guests Kiala, Bram and Maarten. Bresson will officially be rented out from August onwards. Until then, we run a test and you can already enjoy Villa Boo with its jacuzzi, an exotic aperitif followed by a delicious dinner at sunset and an extensive range of walks on the island. Tourism is slowly starting to take off and we are looking forward to that too.

The timetable foresees that the structural work will be completed by the end of July 2021 and then we will start the finishing touches.

We hope to inaugurate "Palmeira Da Cruz" between September and November 2021 with a smashing party.

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