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Our yard - Status quo Palmeira Da Cruz

A year ago, we started the construction of our project. A project that is unique for us and we are gaining new experience every moment.

In Belgium, we renovated houses from an existing building. Here on Santo Antão, Cruzinha, we started from just a piece of land. A plateau overlooking the mountains and the ocean. The land was once used for agriculture but due to lack of rain, it has been dry and deserted for the last few years.

For us, it is important to create something original and at the same time not too conspicuous. We describe it as "discreet and yet a little bit different".

At first glance, the Corona peak had no influence on our project. Today, we think otherwise because it has become a lot harder to get the right building materials and the price increases in Cape Verde are following the example of Europe.

Our project does not only consist of several houses. We would like to restore the terraces, which were once used for agriculture, and reuse them for products that are not found on the market every day. In addition, we are diligently planting trees, bushes and flowers. A green oasis that flatters so beautifully in various places on Santo Antão, we would like to include Palmeira Da Cruz.

The once dry, fertile ground is already largely in bloom today and every year we hope for a little more and more.

Our project is taking shape. The six guest rooms, Villa Vento, Mar and Luz, are being painted and will soon get their windows and doors. Villa G, on the main building, has had its roof put on since this week. It is now still a grey concrete volume with a swimming pool full of concrete nets. Yet it is nice to walk around and see the building grow. You can already get a taste of what it will look like when the project is completed.

Just a little more patience

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