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Our dream comes true

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Today I found the time to post the first one.

We have been living in Cruzinha in Villa Boo since 30 December 2020. Villa Boo is the first villa that is also considered an experiment. Villa Boo overlooks the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Currently, we are in the wind months and this gives beautiful images.

Villa Boo also overlooks our new project in progress "Palmeira Da Cruz" Eco-Lodge.

The new project consists of 'Villa G' in which swimming pool, restaurant, lounge area, atelier, gallery and two guest rooms are present. In addition to Villa G, there will be three other villas: Villa Vento, Villa Mar and Villa Luz. These villas each have two guest rooms.

Next to 'Villa G', 'Villa D' will be our private residence.

Villa Boo will also have one guest room and Kiala and Bram were our first guests.

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